Sponsor an Animal

The Humane Society of Rome recognizes that not everyone is able to adopt a cat or dog. Sometimes your landlord will not allow pets. Sometimes you are just too busy. There are many good reasons why people do not adopt. We realize that doesn’t mean you don’t care or want to do something to help.

You can help care for a cat or dog that really needs help. Sponsoring a homeless shelter animal is a way for you to help and show that you care.

For just $25.00 a month you can become a sponsor for one of our many cats or dogs. Your donation will help us to provide food, quality care and medical treatment, if needed, for that cat or dog. You can pick a cat or dog to sponsor or we will select one that really needs your help and TLC.

As a sponsor you can:

  • Come visit and interact with “your” cat or dog anytime the shelter is open.
  • Request a picture.

Please reach out today and help one of our many homeless cats and dogs. You can stop by the shelter or go to our Online Store to start your sponsorship today! It is quick, easy and safe. Our furry friends Thank You for your support.