Animal Foster Program

The Foster Care Program is a crucial part of our operations because it allows us to care for a much larger amount of animals than we could ever fit into the shelter at one time. It helps with special needs animals and is particularly important for puppies and kittens that are too young for adoption. Other animals that sometimes need foster care are those recovering from an illness or surgery. Sometimes, an animal that has been at the shelter for an extended period of time just needs a break from this environment. Your home can help us meet all these needs.

If you are willing to open your home and heart to an animal in need, and are able to provide a great amount of TLC, than you may be a good foster parent. Each animal we foster has different needs. Depending upon the type of care you are willing and able to provide, we’ll work with you to find an animal suited to your foster home. We carefully screen all of our foster parents to make sure that we get a good fit for both you and the animal. If at anytime you change your mind or decide that you can no longer be a foster parent, all you have to do is contact us. We’ll make arrangements with you to bring the animal back in. Foster care can be as short as a weekend or last up to a few months depending upon the animal and their particular needs.

As a foster parent you’ll be given first preference if you decide you want to adopt the animal. Some foster parents do adopt. For those that don’t, we ask each foster parent to fill out a short profile about the animal they cared for. This profile is very helpful to potential adopters when choosing the right animal for them. We also inform foster parents when their former “family member” finds a new permanent home.

If you are interested in learning more about the Foster Care Program or want to be considered for a Foster Parent, please call 336-7070 and ask for our Shelter Manager or stop down to the shelter. We’ll have you fill out a foster care application and we will talk to you about the program.